Culturebites also assists with editorial assignments and proofreading in a wide range of languages. Proofreading involves reviewing a draft, correcting any errors before the final production of the text. In practice, proofreading consists of correcting spelling errors, grammatical errors, syntax and punctuation.

A thorough linguistic review of a text ensures that the language is correct, clear and consistent, helping ensure the very best reception of a text. Misplaced commas, spelling mistakes or vague language can obscure the content of a text, so it is a huge advantage if the quality of the language and the quality of the content are equal.

Reworking a text – what is referred to as linguistic revision – is a much more comprehensive task. Linguistic revision involves processing and, if necessary, completely rewriting the passages that need some careful attention. Culturebites has extensive experience in the linguistic revision of both non-fiction and art-related texts. We use traditional grammatical punctuation.

Price according to the nature and size of the project

As with translation, the price depends on the nature and size of the project. For a non-binding offer, feel free to contact us at