About Culturebites

Established in 1993, Culturebites is a quality-oriented translation agency. Culturebites specialises in art and cultural history texts.

We translate into several languages. That means we can provide our customers with total solutions. In other words, if you need a text to be
translated into several languages, you can save time by using a multi-lingual team made up of Culturebites’ expert translators.

We provide linguistic reviewing, translation and proofreading of fiction and non-fiction texts, and presentation and exhibition material.

We translate to and from a wide range of languages and tackle diverse projects for some of Denmark’s major artistic and cultural institutions.

Collaboration and dialogue are key elements of our work. We are used to working to tight schedules and high demands vis-à-vis content, and we are more than happy to take on challenging, exacting assignments.

Culturebites translates and proofreads such texts as:

  • Fictional works
  • Academic texts
  • Education
  • Catalogues on art, architecture, music and history
  • Public engagement and outreach texts for museums
  • Cultural press material
  • PhD thesesArchitectural theory and history
  • Design and fashion
  • Recruitment and media
  • Food and travel
  • Tourism and hotels
  • Theatre and film manuscripts 
  • Nature, wildlife and conservation
  • TV and entertainment
  • Newspaper interviews
  • Novels
  • Autobiographies
  • Self-development and spiritual books 

Professional Translation Agency

We believe that translating any text requires not only an understanding of the language, but also a real understanding of the actual content and context. Accordingly, the translators with whom we work specialise in cultural history, so we can match the wording of creative, technical and poetic texts, and guarantee top professional quality.

We do:

Danish > English
English > Danish
Danish > German
German > Danish
Danish > Swedish
Swedish > Danish
Portuguese > Danish
Danish > Portuguese
Danish > Spanish
Spanish > Danish
Danish > Norwegian
Norwegian > Danish
Danish > Chinese
Danish > Italian
Greek > Danish 

*It goes without saying that Culturebites is obliged to maintain confidentiality. When it comes to our newsletter, we always ask a client’s permission first before featuring any of their material.

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