Art drives development, growth and innovation. It stimulates creative problem solving and strengthens communities.

NORDIC VIDEO ART is based on the notion that art should be experienced by everyone, regardless of where in the country they live.

Contemporary art should not just be confined to the capital city- our vision is to transport selected artworks to the country’s smaller and larger communities spreading art’s joy and inspiration.

NORDIC VIDEO ART consists of selected video and audio artworks that have previously been exhibited in museums and galleries in Copenhagen and other major Danish cities.

The library as an important cultural institution and democratic stronghold

NORDIC VIDEO ART offers libraries the chance to exhibit contemporary art with the consent of the local council. Libraries must continue to be a cultural beacon and an important meeting place for all Danes – it should be a cultural institution that promotes information, education and cultural exchange across typical social obstacles such as ethnicity, age, income and gender.

Our aim is to help disperse contemporary art and deliver new, interesting and inspiring experiences for all sections of society.

The library is the local community’s gathering place that successfully brings all parts of society together

– Ole Münster and Bjørn Ensig, Voluntary Denmark, Politiken, 17/01/13

Augusta Atla’s MNEMOSYNE


The NORDIC VIDEO ART initiative aims to support artistic and cultural expressions in Denmark and also to strengthen the library’s future role in society. Wherever it goes, it will cultivate an artistic atmosphere, which benefits everybody. The project enables all citizens to get the opportunity to experience an exciting cross section of the Danish art scene. Contemporary art should have space to develop and unveiled in new contexts that can inspire and challenge individuals.

Art stimulates the imagination and drives creativity; it helps generate growth and can create new initiatives in urban life. Citizens, for example, can be brought together through themed weeks, evening debates on video art, art clubs, and lectures on individual works. High school students could make presentations on contemporary art in relation to the video installations. The works could also inspire younger generations to experiment with video art. Libraries can help bring together and harness the knowledge and resources of its local communities.

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We want to create partnerships between cultural committees and the local libraries where citizens congregate. We require the cultural committees to reasonably remunerate the respective artists and curators. The video works will be displayed in the library, which must possess the necessary equipment, including a computer with a projector, or a TV with a digital input, in addition to a canvas or large exposed white wall and the necessary staff. There will be no additional costs in respect to exhibiting the work during opening hours, apart from a possible fee from the cultural committee to the library to carry out this service.

We aim to make the package as practical as possible in terms of delivery and installation. Additional exhibition texts and explanatory material on the works and their respective artists will be delivered and artist talks can be arranged where possible. The library must be able to accommodate the installation, e.g. a computer with a projector and provide the necessary supervision to ensure that the work can be displayed and to disseminate any information about the work, publicise its arrival, etc. to the local community. We will provide all the necessary publicity material. The video works must not be re-loaned or copied.

Alternatively the work can also be displayed at a local museum, if the local library lacks the necessary resources.

NORDIC VIDEO ART collaborates with a wide range of contemporary artists whose work we can offer for an agreed time, e.g. one month, at a time. The video works represent all types and genres of contemporary video and sound art.

The artists of NODRIC VIDEO ART:
Augusta Atla
Vladimir Tomic
Tim Hinman
Jacob Tækker
Jette Ellgaard
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen