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About Culturebites

Spearheaded by Annemette Fogh, Culturebites is a translation centre that excels in the translation of both literary and professional art-based texts, not least by drawing on Annemette’s background as an art historian.

We translate to, and from, a number of languages and solve a variety of tasks for some of Denmark’s largest art and cultural institutions.
Culturebites translate works of fiction, art catalogue texts, art books, PhD theses, and more.
See a selection of our previous assignments under Publications.

In addition, Culturebites can provide professional assistance with editorial tasks and proofreading.
At Culturebites we firmly believe that it is not only important to have an understanding of the language when translating a given text, an understanding and affinity with the content itself is every bit as important.

With Annemette Fogh’s background of an MA in Art History, we are able to offer this specialised understanding of artistic texts and texts that require a more creative and poetic sensibility. As an independent writer of literary novels, as well as a number of journalistic articles on art, Annemette Fogh has a distinctive knowledge and empathy for the use of language in such areas, giving Culturebites a unique strength in its translation work. Thoroughness and creativity are two of the guiding principles in our work.

As a further guarantee of the thoroughness and integrity of our translations, Culturebites always uses a resident, Ph.D. educated, Englishman in the proofreading of English texts, as well as working in collaboration with a talented Danish proofreader.

We are accustomed to working to tight deadlines and with texts that contain a high standard of content. We welcome the most challenging and demanding tasks.

Culturebites offers reasonable and competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Culturebites treats all tasks confidentially.